Kate Gosselin + Sarah Palin + Camping + 8 Kids + Bears ... Can It Get Any Worse?

mosquitoOne Type-A mom, one gun-toting conservative, mosquitoes, outhouses, sleeping bags, and a gaggle of kids could be some people's idea of a good time. More likely it's most people's nightmare, regardless of your political leaning. For an upcoming episode of Kate Plus 8, Kate Gosselin and her brood will be hauling it to the woods for a camping trip with none other than Sarah Palin.

Did I mention the camping trip is taking place in Palin's home state of Alaska? Mosquitoes are the stuff of legend in Alaska. Alaska doesn't just have mosquitoes, it has monster mosquitoes. Thirty-five different kinds of mosquitoes. Creepers.

It gets progressively worse, oh yes it does.

On this camping trip the kids will have to do schoolwork. Talk about the worst summer vacation E-V-E-R.


Sarah Palin's father, a retired science teacher, and her brother, a third-grade teacher, will give the kids a hands-on natural history lesson. Sarah herself will show Kate and the kids how to avoid bears. Bears! On the other hand, that's probably a lot less scary than all the other topics Palin could choose to talk about. Like Congress.

I've camped. It's somewhat fun, as long as you don't mind the discomfort, inconvenience, and lack of sleep. Going anywhere with kids requires so much stuff. I often joke that traveling to the amusement park or my mom's house with my two kids for one day feels like I'm going camping. So I can't even wrap my mind around the amount of duffel bags and gear required for an excursion with eight. I'm sure Jon is thanking his lucky stars right now. With all these elements at play, it will be hard to know which part of the experience will be worse than the rest, but we'll just have to watch out for the show and find out.

So as you're complaining about the four-hour road trip to visit Aunt Millicent in Dayton or the overpriced restaurants at the seashore this summer, just think about Sarah and Kate Plus Eight and I guarantee you will instantly begin to have a much better time.

What celebrity would you most want to go on a camping trip with?


Image via tanakawho/Flickr

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