8 Imaginary Celebrity Self-Help Books, Inspired by 'The Situation'

the situationRumors are swirling that Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino from MTV's Jersey Shore is about to pen a how-to guide for achieving his signature ripped abs and tanned skin. I'm confident this will be a best-seller (eye-roll), and I for one hope this is the start of a fantastic new trend from America's most talented entertainers. In fact, I thought of a few other self-improvement titles I'd like to see come from Hollywood.


8. Learn to Embrace Your Curves, by Tori Spelling. A self-affirming tale of loving the body you're born with, written by the woman seemingly hell-bent on transforming herself into a Pixie Stick.

7. Communication Is Key: Opening Up to the Woman You Love, by Mel Gibson. Part memoir, part advice column, this book will be a must-read for anyone looking to create a stronger, healthier relationship with their significant other.

6. Less Is More: A Guide to Simple Elegance, by Lady Gaga. Fashion trends come and go, but true class never goes out of style. Learn the tricks of timeless chic from this aristocratic musician.

5. Your 15 Minutes Is Up, and You Couldn't Be Happier, by Rachel Uchitel. Not sure when it's time to duck the limelight? Let the camera-shy woman who serviced Tiger Woods show you the way with this guide to living life on the DL.

4. Clean Living and Cutbacks: How to Survive the Recession and Be Healthier and Happier Than Ever, by Paris Hilton. I mean, surely no one is better qualified to speak on this subject, right?

3. Re-Inventing Your Career, by Spencer Pratt. Valuable professional advice from the man who bravely chose to follow his dreams.

2. Writing Country-Western Songs: Step by Step, by Kelly Osbourne. Lost your man AND your dog? Turn your pain into platinum record sales by following tips from a woman who's been there.

1. Buns of Steel: 2010 Edition, by Coco and Kim Kardashian. Because ... well, because that would be awesome.

Can you think of any more fake celeb self-help tomes to add to the list?

 Image via MTV.com 

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