The Soup on E! Rules! Lou the Chihuahua Drools!

Photo by: The Soup/E!

The Soup on E! is so addictive. I love this show for many reasons but one reason is Lou the Chihuahua. The dynamic duo of host Joel McHale and Lou is hilarious. If you are not part of the cult of The Soup, you need to be. The show is wickedly funny, shallow and there is not an ounce of news to be found anywhere in the program. Perfect!


If you need a reason to check out Joel and Lou, read a short "interview" with Lou the Chihuahua from The Soup blog. Lou wants Obama to hire him as the first dog:

Adopt me. I’ll move to D.C. and live in the White House. I’m willing to sacrifice for my country. Plus, I’m cute as hell. Those kids’ll love me.” As for the hypoallergenic problem, I’ve never met a broad yet that was allergic to yours truly. Besides, they have pills for that.

How can you not love a show that features dog interviews? Do you love The Soup like I do? Please tell me I'm not the only one! Here's a link to one a funny clip about Cloris the Cougar!

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