Chris Brown Trashing Rihanna in New Single?


chris brown new singleChris Brown's new single sounds like a pretty bad career move. After crying at the BET Awards and being accused of faking it, one might think Brown would try some humility as he returns to the stage. Instead, "Deuces" makes him seem like a punk that takes no responsibility for his actions.

The lyrics in "Deuces" point to a juvenile and cavalier attitude towards women, and abuse. Among the lyrical gems Brown reiterates that he's "moving on to something better" and "the other chick I'm with never complained." Furthermore, "f**k love."

But that's not the worst of it.

Chris Brown decides it's a good idea to reference Ike and Tina Turner, but not in a "Oh wow, I never wanted to be like this, and aren't I the bad guy?" way. More in a, "Won't this sound badass?" manner. Specifically he says, “‘I finally noticed it, it finally hit me. Like Tina did Ike in the limo, it finally hit me.”

Listen for yourself.

What do you think? Is Chris Brown trashing Rihanna?


Image via O. M. Gee!/Flickr

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nonmember avatar lionel mhike

a song is just a song...its just to gain appeal not to trash rihanna...besides how many times has he said he is sorry? u want the man to jump through a hoop of fire before u believe him...its just another break up song...they have both moved on from that place and we dont need people like this diggin up things from the past and twisting things he does or says into into a tainted image or a face that YOU want him to have...rediculous

nonmember avatar Lovely One

I'm not a huge fan of either one of them but Chris is talented and he deserves to learn from his mistakes as everyone else, the irony is, his misfortune is public. Whether or not this song is subliminal, well it's his call but as we all do, he'll have to live with the consequences- and perspectively I only think he's guilty as of now of not moving on. He like she, should both reinvent themselves in a more positive revamp a hurting career.


nonmember avatar MIKE


nonmember avatar Jenero

its just a song, get real. the words tis person quotin wasnt even his it was the other peoples verses. so what are you tryin to proves. 

nonmember avatar Chrysalis

Ummm... this song has been out for a while now. Also he is not the one rapping about the Ike and Tina. Get your facts straight if you are going to blog about it. Watch the video and maybe you would have know that. What he did was wrong...he deserves a second chance like everyone else.

nonmember avatar Janet

It wasn't Chris Brown's verse, it was Kevin McCall.  This song is nice and I love it.  He's ready to move on and he is...why are you still writing about his every move and turning it into a negative.  It's a damn song!!!!!  Please let the man live.

nonmember avatar Brianna Hart

That doesn't mean anything. Just because every time Chris Brown rights a song, that doesn't mean that it has anything to do with Rihanna. When it says "the other chick I'm wit never complained" Chris don't even sing that part, K Mc  does and hes also the one who talks about Ike and Tina in the limo. When it says "fuck love", Chris don't sing that part either, Tyga does. Plus the whole thing with Chris and Rihanna happened like a year and a half ago. People need to get over it. It's no ones business but theirs anyway.

nonmember avatar chloe

What is wrong with y'all? Not every song he makes is about Rihanna .It can be a song that people in general relate to. Not him. You can say the same thing with Rude Boy. How after he beat her up she wanted to screw him. So not every song is about her. Their just songs to listen to.

nonmember avatar Kymberlee

The articles about Chris Brown are moving away from ignorant and headed straight toward plan ridiculous!  Can this guy do anything without it being interrupted as somehow related to Rihanna somehow?  I'm so sick of the media constantly bashing this guy.  Give him a break!  He's apologized ever which way, including up and yet it's never enough.  Shut up and find someone else to destroy!  He is talented, just let him go with his life.

nonmember avatar jmrollwash

ummmm wasnt Rihanna the one that got on NATIONAL television and said
"F--- love" when Diane Sawyer interviewed her? PUH-lease... I LOVE THAT SONG!

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