'Bethenny Getting Married?' Recap: Cankles, Swollen Face, and a Hairy Belly in St. Barts

bethenny getting marriedI'll watch Bethenny Frankel give birth to her baby daughter next week, but then I think I'm done with Bethenny Getting Married? forever. I really just can't take this show anymore. I love her, and I'm so happy for them. But I can't.

Bethenny's sarcastic, self-depricating wit is fantastically hilarious on a show like Real Housewives of New York because she uses it to poke fun at women who take themselves waaay too seriously. But on her own show it's grating. I don't want to hear someone constantly complain about her perfect wedding and her perfect husband (I mean, really, Jason is perfect!) and being pregnant and beautiful and super successful. I get that snark is Bethenny's shtick; but in this context, it just doesn't work for me.


Take, for example, this week's episode in which the couple go to St. Barts for their honeymoon. Bethenny spends nine days waddling around and complaining about everything under the sun -- cankles, fat face, hairy belly, being a swollen beast, etc. Honey, you're beautiful and you're in paradise! Have Jason order you a fruity virgin cocktail, find a lounge chair by your private pool, and chill out already!

Does it sound like I'm jealous? (Welllll, maybe a little.) But forgive me if I'm annoyed that Bethenny is for some reason acting like she's the first woman ever to give birth before. I'm still a giant fan of hers. I just think she could use a little ... what's the word? ... oh, right. Perspective. That might hook me in for a little longer.

That all said, Bethenny did have some priceless lines last night including this gem:

I've never told Jason how much I want a girl. I'd be happy if it's a boy. It should just be healthy with 10 fingers and 10 toes. And a vagina.

I love that Bethenny gets her wish. I just don't think I want to hear about it anymore.

Am I being too harsh? What do you think about Bethenny Getting Married?

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