Audio Released of Mel Gibson Sick, Racist Phone Rant

mel gibson racist rantMel Gibson needs to be institutionalized. You've read what the former Braveheart star had say to Oksana Grigorieva, the mother of his 8-month-old baby. But listening to his terrorizing voice will drive the point home that this man is NOT okay.

Gibson begins his rant berating her about breastfeeding with fake breasts, which leads him to calling her a "Vegas whore." This is where his lovely "getting raped . . . " comment comes into play.

Mel defends his horrifying language by saying, "I'm just telling you the truth."


Due to the charge of domestic violence, Oksana was reportedly fearful of Gibson, which resulted in her taping the conversations. Given his racist, sexist and violent comments, I would be scared to death.

Radar is publishing part one of the tapes, part two (where we can hear the whole "burning the f'ing house down after you blow me" delight) will be made available as well.

If anyone allows this man to have a comeback after this, there is something wrong with that person, or group of people, as well.


Image via Angela Weiss/Getty

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