Lindsay Lohan Headed to Jail, Flips Off Court


Lindsay LohanLindsay Lohan is headed to the slammer. For violating the terms of her probation for drunk-driving charges, she was sentenced to 90 days in jail plus another 90 days in rehab.

Other women in her case reportedly only actually serve about 25 percent of their sentence in jail, so she may only be behind bars for about 23 days. Still, that's a pretty significant amount of time for reflection and the slap of reality (sans leggings) to sink in.

Ever keeping it classy, LiLo didn't just take her punishment like a lady; instead, she flipped off the court.

Her left-hand middle fingernail was painted with the words "f&ck you." She repeatedly held her hands up to her face sending out her not-so-subtle reaction to what was happening.

How clever. What else would we expect from the ultimate Mean Girl?

LiLo's crazy parents are, of course, fighting the decision, keeping their own names in the spotlight in the process.

"Any time in jail is harsh, especially for a young lady like Lindsay that doesn't need jail," Michael Lohan told Larry King. "I've been there myself, and I know jail didn't do anything for me with my addictions ... I'm sorry. I'm just ... a little upset ... This girl needs rehab. She needs help."

As for her mother, Dina Lohan, she told PopEater, "This is so not fair to do this to my child."

I agree Lindsay needs help (and that her parents should have helped her LONG ago), but I think jail time, however much it ends up to be, may just be the kind of harsh wake-up call she needs to actually help her.

Do you think Lindsay Lohan's sentence was fair?


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poshkat poshkat

she can cry all she wants, just becuase shes who she is doesnt mean she can break the law.  and as for her nailpolish flip off, how trashy. seriously? cry all you want lindsay, you got what you deserved, if you cant do the time dont do the crime.

Owl_F... Owl_Feather

she may be a super star, but the law is the law and a violation is a violation. I have no sympathy or empathy for her.

APeve... APeveteaux

I think her reactionary middle finger is a pretty big clue that she doesn't take any of this seriously. So even though I'm not convinced jail is the best way to treat a crime like this, she needs something to make her grow up and take responsibility for her actions already.

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