Kristen Stewart Worries Fans Will Assassinate Her


kirsten stewart thinks fans will assassinateMaybe Kristen Stewart confused the Eclipse army of vampires with the Twi-Hards in her latest interview in Britain's Hello! magazine.

Stewart explains that she's not comfortable on the red carpet because even security couldn't keep back the paparazzi or rabid fans if they really wanted to get at her, and, um, assassinate her.

We all know Stewart doesn't like doing the press and promotion part of her job, but her fear makes me worry about her anxiety levels. Maybe this whole show-biz thing isn't for her.

There are obsessed fans, and as we've seen in the past -- some do kill their objects of obsession. But a mass uprising of Twi-moms and teens just doesn't seem all that likely.

Kristen, I can give you a list of other things you could worry about to replace the unlikely assassination scenario:

  • Realizing that you really did make a mistake by pairing off with Edward Robert Pattinson when Jacob Taylor Lautner would have given you a much more stable life.
  • Getting older.
  • Relying on signing autographs at Twilight conventions for your main source of income.

Feel better?


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kelli... kelli0585

Has anyone seen her interview on shows like Regis or GMA?  Something just seems a little off to me.  I get that she's shy, and I know how shy people are.  But there's something about her that's not sitting right with me.  The way she messes up her hair on interviews, keeps moving her legs, never looks anyone in the eye. . . I was thinking maybe ADHD (I have it), but it just seems so extreme on her. 

She seems really fragile, and I would really hate to see her go off the deep end if these "stresses" get to her like that.   

AngiDas AngiDas

I think it is a legitiment concern to have. People can sometimes not seperat fact from fiction. She is very high profile right now. There have been enough "fan" attacks on famous person for her to warrant that kind of reaction to packs of screaming people coming at her.

There is a great book called "The Gift Of Fear" that has a chapter dedicated to the celebrity stalker. Give it a read.

mom2j... mom2jen101

I agree with you, kellio585, she seems very strange on all her interviews, I love her movies but sometimes it looks like she took something before going on stage.

nonmember avatar not true!

this story is soo not true! eonline checked to see if this story was true and they discovered she never did this interview, it is all made up! people always want to attack her for no reason! and if she had adhd that means what? a lot of you suffer from im sure a lot worse! she never said this and as eonline stated she has just cause for concern, some chick sharpied her face with a blue permanent marker at the eclipse premiere?? I would have pressed charges, how can you not know you just put a marker on someones face? a lot of you need to get over yourselves and cut this girl some slack!

MomOf... MomOfJandM

Even if it's not 'true' I would be concerned if I were her.  Those Twitard fans are crazy.  They DO attack people, and assult people.  Just take a minute to hop off the "I love Twilight only because it's Popular" band wagon and look around.  A poor little girls gold fish was stomped on and murdered all because she told her Twitard babysitter she thought Edward Cullen was ugly.  (which he is)  The cast hates the books.  RPatz was quoted saying he hates it, finds it disturbing and it's disgustingthat some woman wrote down her wet dream and sold it to a bunch of teenagers.  Of coarse, it's making tons of money, so every media outlet is jumping on the chance to grab a bit of cash for themselves.

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