'The Bachelorette' Was 'Living Hell' for Justin Rego

Ali Fedotowsky and Justin RegoSo now we're supposed to feel sorry for Justin Rego, the wrestler known as "Rated R" who was busted on this week's episode of The Bachelorette for having two girlfriends while filming the show. He has taken to Facebook to get some sympathy with an official statement.

"I feel betrayed, manipulated and unfairly lied too (sic) by both the Producers of ABC's The Bachelorette and Jessica," Rego stated. "Its (sic) truly unfortunate that the Producers of The Bachelorette took this experience that was supposed to be an amazing moment that I will never forget, and made it into a living hell for me."

Poor (grammatically challenged) thing!


He states he was not in a relationship before he went on the show and that he's currently single. AND that he decided in Iceland that he wanted off of the show. It was only after he made that decision to leave that he called Jessica and left the messages we heard.

"Yes, that's right! I no longer wanted to be a part of the show when we were in Iceland and wanted to get on the first plane home to Toronto!"

Wait, what? Why?

He gives no explanation for why he wanted off the show ... you know after hobbling miles on crutches to get to Ail Fedotowsky for whom he professed his devotion.

He also said that while all we at home saw was him fighting with the rest of the guys, they're actually great friends. He even says he considers them an extended part of his family.

Somehow, I don't think the other guys would echo that sentiment.

Don't hold your breath waiting to see how they interact on the Men Tell All episode either, because Justin says he won't be there.

"I will not give the producers of this show the opportunity to have the chance of editing me to their liking once again."

Hmmmm ... I have no illusions that everything we see on TV is just as it happens in "real" life, but Justin's story just doesn't add up. And after watching him and his weasely ways for weeks, he' s not getting any sympathy from me.

What about you? Do you believe Justin's side of the story?


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