Jill Zarin Leaving 'Real Housewives'? Riiiiiight

jill zarinAfter all the incessant fighting and dramarama that occurred during this season of The Real Housewives of New York, it's no wonder a cast member is thinking about leaving the show -- it's just not the one I expected.

Hollywood Life is speculating that Jill Zarin is leaving the Bravo reality show after she told radio host Cooper Lawrence that she had "compelling reasons" for not returning, namely because ... wait for it ... she wants to go on a "spiritual journey."

True, Jill was the most hated Housewife this season, and she was (allegedly) harassed and threatened because of her actions on the show. Maybe all the negativity proved to be too much for her. But I don't buy that she's leaving. And here's why:


As behaviorist Elizabeth West told us recently, Jill is a classic narcissist, which simply means that she truly believes she's special and doesn't do anything wrong. Why would she miss out on a chance for more publicity -- especially if she doesn't think she did anything to deserve the backlash in the first place? In fact, threatening to leave and then returning for next season sounds just like the sort of publicity stunt this woman would pull.

Honestly, I think Bethenny Frankel or Kelly Bensimon are more likely to say "Sayonara" to the show than Jill: Bethenny, because she already has her own show (albeit a totally boring one), and Kelly because, well, she's coo coo for Cocoa Puffs. I'd even bet on Sonja Morgan leaving instead of Jill because I'm convinced that foxy mama could have her own show in no time.

But Real Housewives without Jill Zarin? Come on. I can't even fathom her leaving ... unless, of course, this so-called "spiritual journey" happens to be to New York's Diamond District; in which case, I'd be inclined to believe all the hype.

Who do you think is most likely to leave The Real Housewives of New York?


Image via Bravo

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