Vienna and Jake Break-Up Makes Me Think It Wasn't Even Real

Jake Pavelka, Vienna GirardiOkay, enough is enough. This whole Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi break-up is getting ridiculous. First, she supposedly cheated on Jake. Then, she said she dumped him because he was a "fame whore." Other rumors: She's posing in Playboy and Jake is gay.

That is a whole lotta drama. And ABC is capitalizing on all of it in a special "The Bachelor Breakup" episode where the two will rehash their break-up on public television.

Is it just me or does this all seem a little too much ... even for a reality star relationship?


It just played out all too perfectly. The one girl whom everyone hated on the show ended up winning, even though she was pretty much the opposite of what Jake was looking for in a girl (remember those spring break photos that surfaced?). Instead of basking in their engagement like a normal couple would do, Jake immediately went on Dancing With the Stars, and whenever they made love statements about the other, they did it in the most public way possible (via Twitter). Don't forget to throw in a few well-posed shots of them frolicking on the beach, just for good measure.

Now they're breaking up and all of this nonsense unleashes and they're having a show about it? I don't buy it.

Am I just being pessimistic or do you think that this "relationship" might have been scripted from the start?


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