Forget 'Eclipse,' We Have the 'Breaking Dawn' Release Date!

twilight eclipse breaking dawnIf you're camping out for Eclipse tickets, you may be excited to know you can plan your next week vacation around November 18, 2011. The first installment of Breaking Dawn will hit theaters on that fateful day.

Don't worry Twilight fans, it won't actually be the last time you can gaze upon Jacob's abs or Edward's gloomy demeanor -- the final book will be split into two films. The final installment of Breaking Dawn is still in production and we won't know the date that will end this Twilight/Pattinson frenzy for quite some time.


In case you didn't pick up this week's Twilight Eclipse issue of Entertainment Weekly (who are we kidding, you got all of the different covers, didn't you?), the stars are also feeling a bit sad about the end of a vampire era. They expect to wrap shooting of the final installment in March, and after that Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson, and Kristen Stewart will have to find some other roles that will show people they're not just icons.

Although, hey, what's wrong with being known as some of the most loved characters in history?

Are you excited about the Breaking Dawn release date?


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