'Eclipse' Movie: Reviews Are Mixed


eclipse movie
Our Eclipse review yesterday was overwhelmingly positive with Brittny even going as far as to call the third movie installment of the Twilight saga a "blockbuster hit." It's got steamy kisses, jealous love triangle banter, and CGI fighting werewolves, so are you really surprised? As the rest of the reviews pour in today, it seems most critics have a similar sentiment, although there are a couple notable -- and hilarious! -- exceptions.

A.O. Scott from The New York Times says this film is the best of the three primarily because of its entertaining fight scenes and passionate will-they-or-won't-they love triangle, which is reminiscent of old Hollywood. Interesting to note: He seems concerned that the Team Jacob slant of the last two films may haunt the movies' producers in the last two films (something that I've wondered about as well). And while Scott pays Kristen Stewart quite the compliment -- "[she] can carry a close-up about as well as anyone in movies today" -- he has some choice words for Mr. Taylor Lautner: "[he] still seems to have recently escaped from a high school cheerleading squad somewhere." Um. Ouch.

Peter Debruge writing for Variety echos the praise, saying that the movie "focuses on what works" -- namely, the stars (Stewart and Robert Pattinson) and the hysteria surrounding their real-life relationship. Although, Debruge is careful to point out that Jacob "gets the sexier kiss." (Yay!)

By far my favorite review? A cranky recap from Josh Larsen writing for a Chicago suburban newspaper who claims that Eclipse is as "outrageously overwrought" as the previous two. But he doesn't stop there: He refers to Edward's consistent "expression of intestinal distress" and describes Bella as a "maddeningly passive-aggressive Goth diva." Ha. I like to give Edward and Bella a hard time as much as anyone, but lighten up, dude! This is supposed to be a fun teen summer movie after all.

Are you swayed at all by these reviews? Will you be seeing Eclipse this week?

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Cafe... Cafe MicheleZ

Ooh sexier kiss? I have to see that.

CafeC... CafeCires

I went to the midnight showing.  I have to say that I liked it better than the other two films, but it still has its flaws. 

Saucy1 Saucy1

I watched it last night it was awesome.

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RanaA... RanaAurora

The movies are so awful.  Don't get me wrong - I enjoy movies because it's like reading the book again in two hours, but in these movies if you haven't read the books, I don't know if you can even understand a quarter of the story.

That said... I'm still going to try to watch this (not in theaters) soon.  I can like things and still admit they're terrible, LOL.

Rogue35 Rogue35

I plan on seeing it.

nonmember avatar mer

Saw it at the midnight showing, and twice the next day.  The critic from Chicago is such a moron.  Who cares what the critics say anyway, I think the numbers speak for themselves.  The movie was very well done.  I really liked how well it followed the story line of the book.  (I always wonder if these critics acually read the books before they comment on this fiction series!)  Obviously not this time.   Taylor Launter did an amazing job, as did KS and RP.  Even though this is supposedly a teen series, it's very refreshing to read books and see movies today that don't have the f word in every other sentence, and are full of bloody violence.  It's fiction, it's romantic, and it's a good story.  I believe people that is why these movies are such big hits.  Everyone was ready for something other than the same old, same old.  Are Kristin and Rob dating?  Whether they are or they aren't, once this series is over they will go their separate ways in their careers, but they will have left us with something very special.

nonmember avatar Teky

To say that I am not a Twilight fan would be about as much of an understatement as saying the sun is a bit warm.  But that being said, I would say this movie wasn't bad.  That doesn't mean it's good, it just means that it's not bad.  It didn't drag out and leave many stagnant pauses, Kristen Stewart didn't seem to have severe asthma and the guy who plays Jasper didn't look constipated all the time. The acting has gotten better on a whole and you hear some of the Cullen Sibs back story.  Thy did cut out quite a bit of the book, but what movie adaptation doesn't.  In summary teen angst, Robert Pattinson is pasty, Kristen Stewart is a special snowflake and Taylor Lautner has an eight pack.  I might go see it again, but I probably won't.

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