Stephanie Seymour Misses Drug Test

stephanie seymour misses drug testStephanie Seymour may be ordered not to drink alcohol after skipping a mandatory drug test as she was vacationing in St. Barts.

You know divorce and child custody proceedings are going badly when you're forced to have a drug test. The children have a lawyer defending their interest who is concerned about the Victoria's Secret model mixing prescription drugs and alcohol.

The kids have all reported seeing their mom drunk. Which makes me very, very sad.


Seymour is in the midst of divorcing the father of her children, Peter Brant, and may be held in contempt of court due to her absence and failure to be tested. Seymour is saying she didn't get the emails from her lawyer while she was vacationing with her kids. The lawyer is no longer employed by the former model.

How many celebrities think they can skip mandatory drug tests? It seems to be the crime du jour whether it's Lindsay Lohan claiming she lost her passport or Jeremy London saying he was kidnapped. I know addiction is a beast, but you're not helping your case by being deceptive.

I hope Stephanie Seymour gets the treatment she needs, for the sake of her children.


Image via N10Z/Flickr

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