'Hot Tub Time Machine,' 'Percy Jackson' -- New on DVD

Hot Tub Time Machine DVDHot off the presses, this week’s couch-potato DVD choices for moms who can’t get to the movie theater. Let’s all go to the kitchen and have ourselves a snack!

Hot Tub Time Machine ($16.99 at Amazon)
Looking for your R-rated comedy fix? Here ya go. It’s the heart-searching tale of three middle-aged guys who get transported back to 1986, when their lives seemed full of potential (and boobs).  Starring John Cusack, Craig Robinson (from The Office), and Rob Corddry (from The Daily Show), it’s ridiculous, funny, naughty, and surprisingly sweet -- great for date-night-in with your hubby. Especially if you’ve got a secret stash of big-hair, leg-warmer, off-the-shoulder-sweatshirt photos of yourself (and I know you do).


Percy Jackson and the Olympians ($16.99 at Amazon)
This didn’t play long in the theaters, so the kids might have missed it. Based on the bestselling books, it mixes Greek and Roman mythology with tween adventures. Greek gods are almost always a draw for kids -- talk about your superheroes, these guys wrote the book! The cast is off-beat and amazing: Uma Thurman, Steve Coogan, Catherine Keener, Pierce Brosnan. A warning, though: Kids who adored the books tended not to like the movie, as it’s not the most faithful rendition. But it’s worth a rental for this week’s family movie night.
When You’re Strange ($12.99 at Amazon)
A little self-revelation: When I was 14, I had a rather large shrine to Jim Morrison in my room. I lurved him. Now I find him unbearably pretentious, but whatever -- that’s why I’m not 14 anymore. Despite my newfound disdain I did love the Val Kilmer Doors movie, and now there’s this documentary, directed by indie-guy Tom DiCillo, narrated by Johnny Depp. The reviews are good, they dug up some pretty obscure archival film, and what the heck -- it’s a look back at a heady, sexy time, yet isn’t afraid to say “holy crap, this guy needed help.”
Pretty Bird ($14.49 at Amazon)
I love finding quirky little indie gems for you guys. This one has nothing to do with birds and everything to do with three guys and a rocket belt -- yeah, I said a rocket belt. Billy Crudup stars as the craziest of the three, and David Hornsby (don’t know him) and Paul Giamatti (LOVE him) round out the trio. It’s a mixture of dark comedy and broad slapstick, and nothing works out as it’s supposed to. So if you like that sort of thing …
Creation ($19.49 at Amazon)
A scientist comes back from a research trip a changed man -- and finds himself surrounded by religious conservatives who find his theories blasphemous, and other scientists who accuse him of “killing God.” And all he’s saying is that there might be this thing called evolution. This movie will surely satisfy your costume-drama jones, and will also remind you that some conversations can go on for centuries and never quite get resolved. Starring the real-life couple Jennifer Connelly and Paul Bettany, this isn’t cheerful, but it is gorgeous, emotional, and great for a girls’ night in. (Warning/spoiler: Darwin does have a daughter who dies, so sensitive moms might feel blindsided.)
Stolen ($16.49 at Amazon)
Come on, bitches! Let’s get our Hamm on, since Mad Men isn’t coming back for another month! Actually, this indie film, which was made just before the ad-agency drama hit the small screen, is tough to watch, as it deals with a hard-boiled detective investigating cases of (look away, sensitive moms!) murdered kids in the late ‘50s. Still: Hamm.

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