‘Eclipse’ Review: Best Twilight Yet

Robert Pattinson and Eclipse Cast
Edward Cullen and Family
Twilight Saga: Eclipse was, in my opinion, the best book of the series between the action sequences, the were/human/vamp love triangle, and Bella's looming decisions, so I had high expectations going into the movie theater last night.

And it did not disappoint.


The avenging red-headed Victoria is pulling together an army of newborn vampires in hopes of taking on the Cullen clan and killing Bella. The vampires and werewolves put aside their differences in order to protect Bella (who dubs herself as Switzerland) and become alliances to fight against the newborns.

Throw in a couple of steamy kisses (with both Edward and Jacob! Swoon!), silly jealous banter between the vampire and werewolf, and insane CGI fighting wolves, and we've got ourselves a blockbuster hit, folks.

We also see how Riley, the newborn who Victoria has leading the army, is created (which we don't learn from the book because it's from Bella's point of view), as well as how Rosalie and Jasper became creatures of the night.

I found Kristen Stewart's performance in the first two Twilight films less than stellar, but this time she nailed the character (third time's a charm). As with any teen approaching graduation, Bella is faced with decisions to make (though they're slightly less traditional than what to major in the following year), and we see her inner struggle with those decisions that is as intense as the upcoming vampire war.

Robert Pattinson (Team Edward!) has never been sexier and Edward's jealous side is nothing short of adorable. The chemistry between Rob and Kristen is amazing, almost as if they were dating in real life ... hmm.

Taylor Lautner flaunts around with his shirt off through 90 percent of the movie as Jacob, much to the annoyance of Edward, and reminds Bella of his warmth, his body, his ... whew, sorry, where was I? Taylor's abs almost make me want to switch teams -- almost.

The movie comes out tomorrow, June 30. In the meantime, here's a peek:

Are you excited to see Eclipse? Did you enjoy the book?

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