'Real World': Back to New Orleans (and Trashy Story-lines)

real world back to new orleans cast

The new season of MTV's Real World premieres June 30, and the cast of eight strangers picked to live in a house and have their lives blah, blah, blah, are headed to New Orleans. This isn't the first time the show has been filmed in The Big Easy, but it will be the first time since Hurricane Katrina. And if the rumors are true, Season 24 will have a lot more in common with Season 9 than simply location ...


Can you remember all the way back to 2000 when Season 9 aired? I can! The show featured a really interesting cast of characters facing a wide range of issues. My favorite characters included: Julie, a Mormon college student who attended Brigham Young University and was later suspended for her stay at the house (living with both men and women was against university policy); Danny -- a total cutie -- who dated Paul Dill, an officer in the military (whose face was blurred out each time he was on camera to protect his identity); and tiny Melissa, a firecracker who was always getting into emotional discussions/arguments with her cast mates about race.

Season 9 managed to include "real world" issues (heh) while still incorporating the factors that have made this show such a popular guilty pleasure over the years -- sex, drunken debauchery, catty fights, mud wrestling, etc.

Critics of the more recent Real World seasons say that show has gotten too highbrow and, well, boring; in fact, Real World XXIII: DC has the lowest ratings of any season.

But MTV is claiming the new season is getting back to the basics: The cast deals with serious issues this time around -- domestic abuse and painkiller addiction to name but a couple. But there are classy story-lines -- involving lots of casual sex, roommate fights, and a situation involving a toothbrush-used-as-a-toilet-scrubber (uh, gross?) -- to keep us interested.

Plus, the fact that the whole show is set against the backdrop of a city still recovering from a devastating hurricane has piqued my interest. Maybe, just maybe, this season will actually be worth watching.

Will you watch Real World Back to New Orleans?

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