Jake and Vienna Breakup Special Gets Violent


jake pavelka vienna girardi
Jake and Vienna in happier times
You have to wonder if Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi are regretting their breakup. Breakups are usually stressful and sometimes complicated, but the drama between Jake and Vienna seems to be worsening since their split.

At first, it was just the usual he-said, she-said: Vienna said he was a monster; Jake said he didn't trust her. She also said they weren't even having sex anymore, and he said his relationship was distracting him from his role on Lifetime's Drop Dead Diva (which means he probably needs acting lessons more than a breakup).

Normal couples stay away from each other at that point, but Bachelor couples film breakup specials instead. And drama ensues ...

"Vienna was confronting him, exposing all his lies," a source tells Star. "He started screaming at her: 'Shut up! Don't belittle me! Don't question me! Shut up!' And all of a sudden, he literally jumped out of his chair, pulled back his fist, and lunged at her! All of the executives were freaking out. They pulled him off of her and rushed them off to separate rooms."

Not exactly a happy reunion. Apparently, Vienna stormed off crying, which is no surprise. I know I'd be emotional confronting my ex after such a short time, especially if he started yelling.

The producers are responding to these reports, saying they're not entirely true.

The atmosphere was emotionally charged. However, and contrary to reports that have surfaced about the interview, at no time was anyone ever physically in harm’s way, nor was anyone ever threatened with physical violence.

Who knows what the real deal is, but I'm sure more will come out between now and July 5, when The Bachelor Breakup airs.

Do you think Jake yelled at Vienna?


Image via ABC

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Cafe... Cafe MicheleZ

He always seemed off to me. Like he had a temper. I bet this is true.

kelse... kelseylouise84

WOW it is hard to tell, I think he could have done that!

nonmember avatar KLP0305

He should never have chosen her in the first place.  The fact that all the girls disliked her during the show should have been a HUGE clue as to who and what she really is.  I'm glad he got out of it now - she's what she is - many names but basically "worthless".

squish squish

This whole show is a trainwreck.

It really showed what kind of a man he was in the firstplace when he dumped the other girl and went for sex her instead.

I don't think that this incident "proves" he is violent or that he has a temper or anything like that. It just further proves that she is annoying and it will be intresting to see what happens, albeit the edited version.

nonmember avatar Nancy

I do not blame Jake for not trusting her. I have not liked her from the first time I saw her on the Bachelor. Her only purpose for being on the show was to get her name out and Jake was stupid enough to think he loved her. She is a cheater and a drama artist. Her lies will all catch up with her. I wish Jake all the luck in the world, Bye,Bye Vienna the drama queen


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