ALL The Real Housewives of New Jersey Are Broke?

Real Housewives of NJEver sit back and watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey and fantasize about how wonderful it would be to be wealthy enough to lead their lavish lifestyles?

Well, they may too.

Jezebel says that in "real" reality, each and every one of the Housewives may be broke.

Of course, we already knew all too well about Teresa Giudice's debt of more than $11 million and the bankruptcy she and her husband Joe filed. And Danielle Staub has done plenty of whining about her financial woes.

But they aren't the only ones ...


Jezebel reports that Jacqueline Laurita's husband's company -- Signature Apparel Group, LLC, which included troubled brands like Rocawear and Eve's Fetish -- had "an involuntary petition for liquidation under Chapter 7 filed against [it] in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court."

Not good.

Even sensible-seeming Caroline Manzo is shown to have financial struggles with her family's businesses. From outstanding liens to judgements for nonpayment, there's a detailed trail of debt.

Not surprisingly, the most sensible N.J. Housewife, Dina Manzo (deemed so because she actually left the show instead of dealing with Danielle's crazy antics), has the fewest financial woes. Her husband, however, was sued in the past by American Express for more than $12,000, and rumors are rampant that he is gay and/or they have split from one another.

What's sad is that the Housewives aren't alone. Too many families in the "real" world are trying to portray and live lifestyles they just can't support just like them. And we've all seen the real results of that.

Are you surprised by all the financial woes of The Real Housewives of New Jersey?


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