Kate Gosselin Has Crazy Botox Face

kate gosselin bad botoxKate Gosselin is having a bad forehead day. As the mother of eight was running errands, a photog snapped a shot of what people are calling her "devil" face and plastic surgeons are calling a Botox job gone wrong.

One doctor, who has never met Kate Gosselin, by the way, had this to say when comparing a previous photo to the recent scary one:


In the "after" photo, she "has the typical appearance of Dysport or Botox poorly placed in the space between the brows where frown lines occur," says Dr. Michael Olding. But because Gosselin didn't have any injectables put in her forehead, "the lateral part of her brow is elevated in an abnormally high position, which my patients refer to as McDonald's arches!"

I'm wondering if her hair is just pulled back tight and making her look that way. It's not a flattering style regardless, but I wouldn't be so fast to scream "plastic surgery disaster."

What do you think: Bad hair day, or bad Botox day?


Image via John M. Heller/Getty

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