Jeremy London & Wife Lose Custody of Son

Jeremy London's kidnapping and forced drug use is starting to look a lot fishier now that we know he and his wife have lost custody of their 3-year-old son, Lyrik, due to drug use.

RadarOnline is reporting that both Melissa and Jeremy have been battling a drug problem, and Melissa crashed her car into a 7-Eleven a few weeks ago, with Lyrik inside. Melissa's mother now has custody of the boy.

Melissa and Jeremy both have had problems with prescription pill addiction, a growing problem in this country.


So sad. And what an unnecessary thrusting of yourself and your family into the spotlight. If you're being drug-tested, surely there are better ways to avoid getting caught. Like, say, staying put in rehab. Perhaps we have the next Celebrity Rehab cast member and Dr. Drew will get the truth out of London.

I hope they both get the help they need, for the sake of their baby boy.


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