Oprah Hates the Handicapped? Zach Anner Fans Say Yes

Hurry Oprah Winfrey, please clear things up quickly. We know you can't hate the handicapped like people are saying. But please explain what's up with Zach Anner's audition tape.



Anner is one of the many who submitted an audition tape for a chance to get his own show on Oprah's new network. Fans say his votes haven't been counted accurately, thus the accusations that Oprah doesn't want him to win and rigged the vote.

They point to the fact that while Anner was in first place for a week, within 20 minutes contestant Dr. Phyllis, who pitches a reality show about teachers, surpassed him and took the lead.

Sounds more like a technical glitch to me ... or some good viral PR by Dr. Phyllis.

I think a teacher reality show actually sounds really interesting. Not that Anner's idea for a show about inspiring people with handicaps to travel isn't, but if I'm being honest, Dr. Phyllis would get my vote between the two.


Do you think Oprah rigged the vote against Zach Anner because she hates the handicapped? Who do you want to see win?

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