'The Hills' Recap: Is Justin Bobby Really THAT Hot?

Justin Bobby Sure he has that whole scruffy, mysterious, Johnny Depp, bad boy thing going on, but is Justin Bobby of The Hills really that hot?

Hot enough to have both Kristin Cavallari and Audrina Patridge flutter around him like lovesick ladybugs?

Hot enough for Audrina to get trampled on by him time and time again, and then go running back to him ... time and time again, tail wagging all the way?


Hot enough to slink around in sweatshirts with the hood pulled up, freely emit bodily functions, and mumble incoherently as girls hang on his every word?

Hot enough to push out sweet, successful Ryan Cabrera?

Apparently so, because Ryan is out, and Justin Bobby is very much back in the Audrina picture. Again.

He was on board for her birthday boat trip on this week's episode of The Hills, which ended with J.B. and Audrina sitting snuggled with a blanket on the boat's deck reminiscing about their relationship and looking more than a little cozy.

And while most of us at home were screaming at our televisions for her to push him overboard and run without ever looking back, most of us also understand why she couldn't. Most of us have our own Justin Bobby and know exactly why Audrina was sitting there with him. Again.

Because no matter how hot or not he may be, there's just something about him ...

Next week, they're all heading to Costa Rica where things are sure to get hotter.

Do you get Audrina's attraction to Justin Bobby?


Image via mtv.com

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