Salma Hayek Eats Bugs and More Reasons Why We Love Her

Yes, Salma Hayek is beautiful, she's a mother, she's funny, and she's talented. These are all perfectly good reasons why Salma is so fantastic on screen and off. But it gets better: Salma eats bugs! Not only does she eat them, but she appears on the Late Show With David Letterman and freely admits how much she loves to eat them:

Salma never comes across as a spoiled, rich (even though she is), fancy, movie star. She always seems like someone you'd love to have lunch with.

Here are more reasons why we love Salma Hayek:


She's not afraid to show emotion: She recently completely lost her mind when she spotted what had to be a big scary snake during a recent interview. I would have done exactly what she did and climbed over anything and anyone to get out of its way!

She's a MILF: I love it that she didn't look like the usual pregnant celebrity who only gained 13 pounds during her pregnancy, and I love it even more that she didn't try to lose it all in two weeks.

She's smart: She's an actress who has built herself a rock solid career by also directing, producing, and building her own production company. 

She's a good friend: I've read that when Penelope Cruz came to Los Angeles, she knew absolutely no one except Salma. They have a friendship that pre-dates their movie careers and that's awesome because a girl needs a true BFF.

She cares about the world: She partnered with Pampers and UNICEF to bring vaccines to babies and she's a breastfeeding advocate.

Are you a fan of Salma Hayek too? What do you love most about her?

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