Miley Uncensored: Perez Tweets Some More Cyrus Skin

perez hilton tweets miley cyrusAnother child pornography debate is surrounding Miley Cyrus, and yes, again, Perez Hilton is spreading the flesh.

As Miley performed at the MuchMusic Awards on Sunday, she wore a very high-cut leotard that scootched while in action, revealing an area that could be defined as pubic.

As a result, many websites have chosen to censor the photo, but Perez tweeted it out there for all to see.


Reuters did not censor the photo but due to the hubbub of Perez's revealing Miley crotch shot last week, many blogs aren't showing the sensitive lady area of the 17-year-old star. Since Miley was performing in public, the revealing photo would not meet the definition of child pornography, according to a prosecutor speaking out on Fox News.

I would tend to agree that you cannot call it child pornography; however, I do wonder (again) about Miley's judgment. You can wear tights under that outfit, ya know. While you don't see the whole megillah, you do see enough to know that Miley waxes, or uses Coochy Cream -- whichever.

Do you think Perez should leave Miley's crotch alone?

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