New on DVD -- Robert Pattinson in 'Remember Me' and More

Remember Me DVDCouch got your butt? Yeah, that’s been going around. It’s hard to get to the movies when you’ve got a house full of little ones. Here are the latest releases on DVD that you can buy, rent, or stream -- right there at home.

Remember Me ($18.99 at Amazon)
Usually the name Robert Pattinson sets off vampire alarm bells, but there's no blood-sucking in sight here. Instead, he’s just disheveled and dangerous as he meets and maybe falls for a girl with a tragic past. It’s a sweet love story with some great cast members (Lena Olin, Chris Cooper, Pierce Brosnan), and the girlfriend is played by Emile De Ravin from Lost. Might be just the thing for girls’ night in.


The Good Guy ($20.49 at Amazon)
Hey! Whatever happened to Anna Chlumsky from My Girl? She’s in this movie! So’s Alexis Bledel from Gilmore Girls, not to mention ‘80s prepster hottie Andrew McCarthy. But enough with the roll call -- what’s the movie all about? Mostly, it’s about bad-guy stockbrokers, one good guy, and his quest for true meaning in life and in love. The female characters especially are well-drawn and relatable, a nice antidote to any Real Housewives that might have invaded your brain.

The Last Station ($19.99 at Amazon)
So I look at the subject matter and go “eugh,” but I look at all the reviews and they’re glowing. So I’d say this: If you like Merchant-Ivory-style costume dramas paired with intense Russian emotion, ignore the historical significance of Leo Tolstoy and just give it a watch. With Helen Mirren, Christopher Plummer, and the always-awesome Paul Giamatti, it’s a warmly emotional and almost suspenseful look at the final days of an old-school celebrity.

Fuel ($19.99 at Amazon)
Wow. If there was ever a well-timed DVD release, this is it. Fuel is an entertaining, informative documentary that came out in ’08, and with what’s going on in the Gulf, you might want to give it a watch. The filmmaker is from Louisiana and has an intimate knowledge of how the local economy is bound up with the oil companies, and spent 11 years driving around a van that runs on grease. This film lays out facts and figures that allow you to draw your own conclusions -- and may shed some light on more recent events.

Hung: The Complete First Season ($22.99 at Amazon)
The HBO show about a guy with a ...  well, who’s got ... look, he’s hung. And he’s trying to figure out how to make a career out of it with the help of a nerdy pimp poetess. Season 2 is set to start, so if you missed Season 1, now’s your chance to catch up. Thomas Jane as the schlong-in-question tries to juggle fatherhood and a real-estate disaster along with the ... you know. It’s pretty entertaining (and spicy!) stuff, perfect for a date night in.

What will you be watching this week?

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