Padma Lakshmi Says Pumping Feels "Very Bovine"

Padma LakshmiPadma Lakshmi certainly knows how to mince a mean onion, but she minces no words when it comes to how she feels about using a breast pump.

"I don't like to pump, I'd rather just nurse," Lakshmi, 39, said in an interview with Popeater. "Sometimes I have to, but I'm not into the pumping. It feels very bovine.



As the mother of a preemie who couldn't nurse, I was tied to a pump for many months. And while it's unfortunate, I kind of get her sentiment, however unsavory the imagery may be.

Regardless of her perspective on pumping, the star of Bravo's Top Chef and mother to 4-month-old daughter Krishna, Lakshmi clearly is in love with motherhood.

"Everything is better with her around," she told Popeater. "Anything from the beginning of the day till the end."

When asked if she'd ever imagined feeling this way, she said she didn't know how to answer "because it's such a primal feeling. It's so deep and intense."

As for the chance of romance for the single mom?

"Right now I'm excited about making my daughter happy," Lakshmi said. "Honestly, I live and die by the tiniest gestures and expressions on her face. I don't really have any attention span for anything else than her.

Let's hope that means there's no room for dating David Spade either, as rumors have suggested. No offense to Spade, but I hope they're just friends.

What do you think of Padma Lakshmi's comments about pumping feeling ‘bovine'?

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