The Old Spice Guy: 'I'm on a Horse' Coming to NBC?

Ladies, start your DVR engines! Isaiah Mustafa, perhaps better known as “that guy from the Old Spice ads,” has inked a deal with NBC to guest-star on any number of its current shows -- and maybe star in his own sitcom. 

What, you don’t know who I’m talking about? Woman, crawl out from under your rock and behold the commercial that made watching that January football game worth it. In the aftermath of the game, the commercial was posted on Facebook, emailed around, and even deconstructed by a tech show. Ellen had him on as a guest. Something about it was compelling. That something … was that guy.


In the ad, Mustafa commanded us to “Look at your man. Now back to me.” And we did -- not just because he’s a handsome son-of-a-gun, but because he was so darn funny. The script of the ad calls for a very specific ironic attitude, and he just nailed it -- especially at the end, where the camera pulls back and he says, “I’m on a horse!” and, lo and behold, he is.

Pretty amazing for a jock (he played in the NFL for three years before starting his acting career). But that’s comedy for you -- either you get it or you don’t. This is some smart thinking from TV executives and ooh, I just can’t wait to see where he turns up next!

What NBC show do you think Mustafa would be great on? Why do you think he’s so darn appealing? Tell us in the comments!

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