Jeremy London Kidnapping Story: His Real Motive

jeremy london and wife melissaDoes anyone out there believe Jeremy London's bizarre kidnapping story? Hello, can you hear me? Anyone? At first it wasn't clear whether his own (soon to be ex-) wife believed him, but in one of the latest twists to the story, wife Melissa now says she was in the car with the supposed assailants and her husband prior to the kidnapping and that she fears for her husband's and son's lives.

"This is real," she told radaronline in an interview.

And, for some unknown reason, that's how it appears police are treating this case. One man, Brandon Adams, 26, was arrested and is being held on a $500,000 bond on charges of kidnapping, robbery, possession of stolen property, vehicle theft, and carjacking. He's pleaded not-guilty to the crimes.


Melissa told the online tabloid she's scared because only one of the men is in custody; there are two more out there. Perhaps that's why London, an actor best known for his roles in TV shows containing numbers in their titles, like Party of 5 and 7th Heaven, is reported to be in an "undisclosed location with family and friends" while police investigate the crime. He's not in hiding to get his story straight or recant before he wastes valuable police time and gets himself in even more legal trouble, oh, no, but to hide from these alleged drug-crazed attackers, random people he supposedly met for the first time on the street.

We can all speculate why he made it up. Here are the 5 possible motives I came up with:

1. He was buying drugs.

London and his wife are both druggies, and London has been in rehab. Just last week, Melissa crashed her car into a 7-Eleven. They've lost custody of their son, Lyric. Both repeatedly undergo drug testing. What a mess.

So he probably knows the kidnappers. Maybe he was buying more drugs. Maybe they had come to collect their money, perhaps popping the tire of his car outside Jack in the Box, where London says he and his wife were eating. Even though they are getting a divorce. Maybe London needed a way out of a big debt and a bad situation, so he made this story up to get them in trouble. The possibilities go on but it's hard to believe they all don't lead back to substance abuse.

2. He wants to be famous again.

Take a look at London's IMDB profile, the official online celebrity register. His popularity is up 9,785 percent this week! Everyone, including casting directors, are looking at his profile to try to remember who this guy is and what he's done lately (nothing notable). He probably hoped playing the victim would endear the public to him, so we'd think he was so brave to weather such a horrible ordeal, and that might help to secure him some new roles.

3. He wants custody of his son back.

Perhaps he has a drug test coming up, and he doesn't want to ruin his chances of regaining rights to care for his son. So he tells the cops some nasty dudes who he just picked up on the street "forced" him to smoke crack cocaine for hours and hours on June 10, before he managed to escape, the details of which have not been released.

4. He wants his own reality show.

Doesn't every second-rate has-been celeb these days?

5. He wants to tell his story in a book.

Doesn't every second-rate has-been celeb these days?


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