Wizarding World of Harry Potter Theme Park Opens to a Crowd of Thousands


harry potter theme park

Planning a summer vacation? If you're a Harry Potter fan, then Orlando may be just the place for you and the family now that the much-anticipated Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park is open to the public!

Universal Orlando's newest attraction opened early this morning, and a crowd of thousands -- many of whom who had spent the night in the area -- poured into the park. In fact, crowds were so heavy that some wonder if the park will reach capacity and close its gate later today (similar to what happened when Universal's Islands of Adventure theme park opened).

Some familiar faces in the crowd? Harry Potter stars Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint were on hand for the grand opening.

So what can one do at the park?

Provided you're willing to wait, attractions include: Three Broomsticks restaurant, Ollivander's wand shop, a butterbeer cart selling the signature Harry Potter beverage, as well as several rides -- a Hogwarts Express train, Dragon Challenge, Flight of the Hippogriff, and Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey ride.

Maybe I'm just a nerd, but I want to go to this!

Are you excited about the new Harry Potter theme park?

Image via Universal Orlando

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Pishyah Pishyah


bouncing mom

hippi... hippiemamaof2

I can not WAIT to go and I so would LOVE to meet the stars of Harry Potter. :)

Next summer though, less crowded and Becka and Taegen will Enjoy it more. Becka LOVES Harry Potter, she takes after her mommy!

RanaA... RanaAurora

I have been looking forward to that for YEARS!  First chance we get at a family vacation, THAT is where we're going.

sodapple sodapple

if we go, i would love it!

rosie... rosiecotton

I want to go soooo bad!!! :O)

Morni... MorningFaery

i'm 49 years old with a 4 year old son.  my husband and i would love to take him to the harry potter theme park.  as an adult i've enjoyed reading the entire harry potter series.  i'm hoping our son will enjoy the series as much as i have. 

maria470 maria470

Universal had no security in place upon entry. The lines were controlled by people from the accounting department..lack of planning. We were hotel guests and told we would have first access, we arrived at 7:00 and 3,000 people were in front of us, they were general admission let in around 5 am. Will never stay at another Universal hotel or visit Universal again. They need to take lessons on security and guest relations from Disney.

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BestB... BestBoysMom

I can not wait to go. We are going the first week of August! I knew to stay away from there the day they opened the place. I want to be able to enjoy it and we are actually planning that half of an entire day will be devoted to exploring the entire World of Harry.....


and YES I COMPLETELY agree that Universal could learn A LOT from Disney!!!!!!!!! 


Carey... Carey2006

I think it's GREAT!!! I hope they stayed true to the story/books!

sweet... sweetbamabrown

I can't wait to go. We are going to Orlando next year. I love the books and the movies. I most definitely want to visit Olivanders and get me a wand.

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