'Housewives' Alex McCord's Nude Photos Aren't Sexy But Kelly Bensimon's Are?


alex mccord photoOn last night's third installment of The Real Housewives of New York Reunion, host Andy Cohen asked Alex McCord how she felt about the fact that all the women this season accepted Kelly Bensimon and Bethenny Frankel posing naked -- when Alex herself received so much flak when her own nude photos surfaced on the Internet in 2008.

Not surprisingly it was Jill Zarin -- not Alex -- who rudely weighed in on the issue at hand ...

When Alex tried to answer the question, saying that, yes, she was the first Housewife to pose nude, Jill cut her off, arguing that her photos were "quite different," in that Alex posed "spread-eagle in the lobby" of her "husband’s hotel."

Jeez, Jill. How do you really feel? Why don't you just save us from having to read in between the lines and call her trash like we know you want to?

Admittedly, Kelly's nude photos for Playboy and Bethenny's for PETA were much more, uh, produced, which could be a reason why these two women were celebrated for their photos and Alex was scorned. Also, some reports say that the cast members were uncomfortable that Alex's photos were shot so soon after she gave birth to her son.

But it's weird, right? The other cast member accuse Kelly for having contradictions when they seem all over the place when it comes to this issue.

Why do you think Kelly and Bethenny were praised for their nude photos when Alex was ridiculed?

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Cafe... Cafe MicheleZ

There was something about Alex's photos that seemed ... um ... fame whore-ish. But the same can and should be said about the other two. But you're right, it's because they were glossy and by fancy companies.

nonmember avatar Anon

Because Kelly and Bethenny's photos were more..."art." Alex's photos were really weird and disturbing.

nonmember avatar jane

Talking about doublestandard people , we have heard play boy couldnot use the current kelly's picture so opted for the ones taken ten years ack , so that makes it less whorish ? ya right.!

nonmember avatar HaveNAgiggle

Kelly and Bethany were praised and Alex ridiculed because Jill wanted it that way. Any chance to hop on her  high horse with whomever will ride her way ... she's be the barometer for the rest of the cast.


as Kelly would say ~ Thanks anyway <ugh>

nonmember avatar marcella

Please!  Alex is nobody with out Bethenny here "New voice" was quiet yesterday because B didn't jump to help her. LOL

nonmember avatar jill

We all know Jill needs someone to fight with , so next season it will be Alex, she has already started the war, so far we did n't  listen to any phone messages alex left her (allegedly ) nor do we know the reason but we all are ready for the roller coaster  ride , what the heck we paid for the tube! 

nonmember avatar ann

Kelly only had her top off.  Bethenny had a thong and pasties on, and they were digitally earsed.  However, Alex had creepy bathroom pictures that smack of a Snuf Film.  It is just creepy and at the Chandler Hotel, which she doesn't deny.  These were the second set and not the first creepy ones.

How weird are those two, Alex and Simon? Sick and perverted.  It was for a Playboy try.  The photographer confirmed that. 


nonmember avatar Diana

Because Alex is not good looking and her pics are creepy. She is a 2 bagger...you know 2 bags in case the first one falls off! She and Simon are just sort of creepy. She never fit in with the NYC housewives. It's fun to watch the other ladies doing their things. But who wants to see Simon and Alex schepping around Brooklyn. The show depicts rich women in NYC going to charity events,playing polo etc. ONe is a famous ex model who was married to one of the most famous photographers in the world. One was married to a Count. Bethenney's dad was the most famous horsetrainer in the world. Jill is Jill which entails being rich and she is very entertaining to watch.
Her realtionship with Bethenney was fun to watch and Jill actually softened Bethenney somewhat.(I think Betheney appears hard on her new show and the only time her image softens is when she is around Jason!) Oh and I can't forget Sonia who is just a great gal AND don't forget SHE WAS MARRIED TO A JP MORGAN HEIR! RAMONA'S KIND OF ANNOYING BUT SHE IS NOT CREEPY.


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