Did Kate Gosselin's Bodyguard Convince Her to Get a Boob Job?


kate gosselin boob jobNo wonder there was gossip about Kate and her bodyguard, Steve Neild, having an affair. Apparently Neild is on seriously intimate terms with the reality star mom and he advised and evaluated Kate's boob job (which she denies having as well).

The rumor is that Kate might be 'fessing up about the boob job at US Weekly very soon.

Even though Kate has been denying the boob job by saying, "Who has time?" other sources claim she spent $10,000 on the procedure. They also say as Kate went in for one type of augmentation, Neild convinced her to do another type (bigger? silicone vs. saline?) and she listened to the married father of two.

Kate is no stranger to plastic surgery, having had a tummy tuck as documented on Jon & Kate Plus 8. Which, honestly, if I'd carried eight babies, I'd be signing up for a tummy tuck as well.

But the pictures aren't completely convincing me that Kate got anything more than a lift. What do you think?

Did Kate get a boob job? And is she hiding an affair with her bodyguard?


Image via Splash News

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sstepph sstepph

I think she had something done, but you never know. She wanted to have a boob job way back when she had her tummy tuck done, so no, i dont think her bodygaurd convincer her.... she wanted it already. Hell if I had the money I would get a boob job!

harry... harrypottermom

Um. . .I saw the episode where she got the tummy tuck and I remember her getting a boob job back then. So I'm not sure what this is, did she have another one??

As far as the bodyguard thing, I honestly don't really care if they're having an affair.

Pishyah Pishyah

The doctor wouldn't do the boob job because he said she didn't need it but she wanted it.  I think she did it.  I'd do it, too.

LongH... LongHornMomma

She totally got a breast augmentation! You can tell by how much upper pole fullness she fas now, she NEVER had that before. Good for her!

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