Oprah Gives Employees iPads and $10K for Publicity?

iPadI always thought we had nice little perks here at CafeMom. A fridge full of sodas, coffee, and cupcakes at least once a month. Pretty sweet deal, huh?

But Oprah gave her employees iPads and $10K.

Okay, boss ... where's our Apple electronics?


The TV show queen/magazine mogul/philanthropist/bajillionaire always seems to be giving away money or items to people in need. And I've always admired her for that. But this time, the folks behind the scenes got to reap the benefits.

As a big thank-you (pfft, I'd say) to commemorate the magazine's 10th anniversary, she gave all of her staffers at O magazine a check for $10,000 along with an iPad.

Unfortunately, there's those pesky taxes that they'll have to deal with, and people are saying that it's not fair that Oprah can write this off in her taxes while her employees are having to pay in, and that she's only doing this for publicity purposes. Geez, there seems to be quite the number of Debbie Downers out there. In my opinion, free money is free money and I'd be grateful even if I did have to give half of it to taxes. I think the woman is just trying to be nice to her employees, give her a break!

Do you think this is just a publicity stunt or do you think Oprah is sincere with her gifts?

Image via Apple.com

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