'The Real Housewives of NY' Reunion Part 2: Kelly Bensimon Is Systematically Bullied?


kelly bensimon I'm guessing you're like most fans and didn't even realize part deux of The Real Housewives of New York Reunion was on last night ... but don't worry, your DVR probably caught it. And in the meantime, we've got the lowdown on all the craziness. Join us as we attempt to answer the burning question: Who was (to borrow a Kelly Bensimon term) "systemically bullied" more last night: Jill Zarin or Kelly herself?

The hour began with a continuation of the all-out assault on Jill that had me squirming on my couch. Brutal question after brutal question from fans of the show attacked not only her actions this season but her character until Jill was reduced once again to tears and Bethenny Frankel -- of all people! -- called for it to stop.

As host Andy Cohen pointed out, Jill Zarin used to be everyone's (including mine!) favorite housewife -- until this season when she revealed her true colors. You'd think this big of a TV personality wouldn't care what people think of her, but Jill is clearly devastated by her newfound mean girl status, even going as far as incessantly complimenting Bethenny and imploring her to remember how she tried to reach out to her after her father's death. Evidently, no amount of groveling on live TV is too much for this woman, especially if it means she had a chance of getting back into our good graces. But girl? A little advice: Desperation looks good on no one.

The only person who came off looking worse than Jill in part 2 of the reunion? That would have to be our poor dear friend Kelly who, when given the opportunity to explain her breakdown on Poison Island, instead turned it into an anti-bullying PSA announcement: She claimed that she was a victim of systematic bullying but was happy the Housewives experience had given her a platform to be "charitable." (Cue to Bethenny, Ramona Singer, and Alex McCord who all have steam coming out their ears at this ridiculous rant.)

Call me crazy, but I was almost buying Kelly's explanation and bullying message -- because, really, these women are awful to each other -- until this line of dialogue:

Kelly: I was forced by Bravo to go on the trip [Poison Island].

Andy: That’s not true. But I appreciate it.

Kelly: It’s true. Everybody knows that.

Andy: That’s not true.

Kelly: Andy. It’s true though but thank you, I appreciate it.

Everyone does know that reality TV stars are forced to do many things; but if this was the case in this instance, why didn't Jill and LuAnn have to go? It seems like Kelly is trying shirk responsibility for her actions when the simple fact of the matter is: She needs serious help. Bethenny, Ramona, and Alex then explode with accusations of mental insanity and Kelly leaves the stage or -- as she will probably defend it -- removes herself from the systematic bullying situation.

You know what, Bravo? I never thought I'd say this but, wow, enough is enough. I don't know if it's exactly "systematic bullying," but something scary is happening onstage with these women. It's clear that most of them can't handle the fame and as a group are self-destructing from the inside out. Maybe it's time to stop pummeling them before something really serious happens ... oh, and one more thing?

I heart Sonja Morgan!

What did you think of Part 2 of the The Real Housewives reunion? Who was bullied more: Kelly or Jill?

Image via Bravo TV

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coffe... coffeeplease316

I absolutely can not wait to get my dvr and see it! i totally missed it, but it sounds like it was great!

cafemama cafemama

I have this saved to watch tonight. Can't wait!

nonmember avatar zero milligrams

kelly and everyone else that believes poor kelly...
my daddy always said
"less said, better off."
and he was one of seven children.
i, myself, am the youngest of five and i have taught my kids,
'you learn more with your ears, than you do with your mouth...'
others words kelly,
girl, you are all kinds of crazy!

if you could hear yourself talk...
just shut up, chew on your hair and keep jill out of your head.

by the way, i truly believe
'satchels of gold'
'dirty old man balls'

the only reason you paid for woody allens' 'super nanny'. which you have described as a 'child whisper', to help you with your girls is because your girls are smarter than you and they don't want to "ZIP IT!!"
you are out of your mind crazy...

it's h**l whenever your kids are smarter than youself...

nonmember avatar Jessica Eden

Holy cow! Last night's episode was crazy! Yes, Jill totally got ripped a new one- a little deserved but talk about beating a dead horse! She's sorry- get over it. I think I had steam coming out of my ears over Kelly's comments. I am sorry she is an idiot, if you want to sound educated how about you use metaphors or vocabulary in the correct context. She totally skirted around any responsibility for her actions, and played the victim! My husband thought I  was crazy because I was yelling for her  to answer a question directly, instead of the all the noise that just came out! I am just so over her, and wonder if she  really has mental issues  and if she should continue with the show. Obviously, she is not right and can't handle the cattiness of the women without a "breakthrough" aka "breakdown."  P.S. really kind of want to hear more from Luann and Ramona in the upcoming episode. Love the show, sad it is going to be done on Thursday!

nonmember avatar cap

I agree with your point that the group is fractured, and I wished Bethanny would just take the high road & accept Jill's plea and just lie & say "yes we can TRY to be friends again".but having seen Bethanny in many venues since the end of the show, not once has she ever copped to "editing made me look bad" in fact she continues to state "I have not & will not ever blame the editing"...who else of this group can say that.......not that Bethanny is perfect but she and Ramona seem to be the most geniune, they are what they are.  It is becoming Obvious that Jill is trying to circle the wagons....were  you aware that she hired 4 PR advisors prior to the filming of the reunion show?  Cast a little doubt on the groveling ya think? Kelly, I would love for someone to sit with her & have them watch the show and get her commentary as the show is going on....such as how she can explain the "you're not a chef, you're a cook",&" You are a hobag"....and so on..I would love to hear how she explains this........Luann. what a douce she is becoming....her comment to Kelly " I told  you not to go Kelly, that you would be attacked..I think you were the attacker Kelly" I give her props for telling Kelly that she was the instigator, but the "I told you not  to go"...was a weak effort at still trying to be relevant! 

nonmember avatar Zenobia

Who was bullied more?  Jill or Kelly?  Let me get this straight: Kelly is a bully trying to get away with bullying by calling others bullies.  Right?  Jill is trying to be forgiveness while posting ugly tweets and blogs about Bethenny at the same time this aired?  Can we say manipulative?  

I think bullied is not the right word.  Facing the music and outrage their actions generated is a more accurate depiction of what happened.

nonmember avatar las

Jill can dish it out...but can't take it.... Kelly....is just plain crazy....

megan... meganpmom

Ditto on Sonja...She is good energy...I don't know if you caught Watch What Happens but I think we are about to see Ramona get "Ramotional."  Isn't it funny how she's totally wackadoo but occasionally throws in a sensible comment so we think of her as infinitely more sane than Kelly?  She's defintely more likeable than Kelly, I'll give her that.

Jill, am over it.  Big fan of Bethanny but her new show was a snoozer.  Who else is on this show???

nonmember avatar Irene Tobias

We are not used to women being confident and outspoken.  Jill is a horrible person, plain and simple and she finally got what she deserved. 

Kelly is a loose cannon and she needs to be removed from the show.  I am not sure what can be done for her, but she will be a liability to Bravo for sure.

I heart Sonya, too!!!

nonmember avatar Kathy D'Amico

the four women sitting on the same couch are sane and mature.  They have feelings, can express them and can also listen to others and offer appropriate feedback.  They do not hate just for the sake of promoting themselves first and foremost.  The three persons on the other couch are totally opposite:  immature, manipulative with tremendous egos and insecurities and jealous of any other woman on this show.  Oh, and one of them (the monster in the middle) is INSANE!  Please, someone in the NYC children's Social Services Department step in an monitor those two young daughters of hers until her ex-husband can get custody.  'Nuff said...

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