Matt Roloff Heart Attack Rumors - We've Found Him Alive and Well!


Matt Roloff
Matt Roloff, Not Dead

The Internet is abuzz this morning with questions about whether Matt Roloff had a heart attack and there are even rumors circulating that he's dead.

Little People, Big World ended its fifth season last night with a cliffhanger. The episode eerily foreshadowed Matt's death as we watched him explain where he wants his ashes scattered and how he hopes his sons will take over the farm when he's gone. Then Matt Roloff is complaining of dizziness and suddenly he's lying face-down on the floor. The End. 



So, is Matt Roloff dead? Let's examine the evidence. Ok, first off, if Matt Roloff had died, we would have heard about it before the finale aired. It is not a live show. Second off, he's updating his Facebook page. Thirdly, for those of you who need more evidence, he appeared this morning on Fox & Friends (video below) and looked perfectly healthy. He didn't address the heart attack cliffhanger (they're probably going to make us tune in next season to get the scoop), but he's clearly doing fine.

With that cleared up, we can get back to the Roloff divorce rumors that have plagued the couple all season. Last night didn't do anything to lessen our doubts about the strength of their marriage. They continue to lead mostly separate lives and come together only for the kids. Matt is preoccupied with the farm and Amy is worried about the twins' lack of motivation regarding college (and life in general). But, I felt a little more hopeful for them than I did in earlier episodes. They are clearly at a transition point -- the kids are growing up and they have to find a new marital groove. Sometimes a health scare can help you realign your priorities and focus on the important things and people in your life.

We won't have to wait long to find out what's next for the Roloff family. Little People, Big World got renewed for a sixth season, which they're filming right now. New episodes air in September. Until then, here's a video of Matt's appearance on Fox & Friends earlier today:



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SallyAM SallyAM

It's good to know he's doing well!

LoriA... LoriAnn87

I'm glad he is doing well.

nonmember avatar connie

sorry amy be a mother learn your children something than being pigs they couldnt even cook for them selves what are you doing besides running around there living conditions are terrible filth is more like it why let them live in the house when they live like pigs move them out side at least the air would be cleaner i really feel sorry for matt he needs a real wife not a once in a while wife and kids matt move on and find someone who will love you for who you are and leave mrs piggy and the pigglets behind they could care less what happenes to u heck a stranger has more compassion for you than your own wife and kids if you can call them that  move on matt and have a real life

nonmember avatar emma

shut up amys a great mum :)


Linda Wahlstedt-Jackson

I had a fear of little people...why I don't know but I did look at this show...and I
LOVED IT!!! SSOO glad he is doing OK!!!
Unless you walk in Amy's shoes shut the !@# up...

nonmember avatar Carole

I can't walk in Amy's shoes, I'm in a wheel chair and it is hard to take care of a husband, children and a home, it can be done in a moderate size house. I think Amy should have had a cleaning lady or some type of helper. Matt always had his dad or friend around to help him on his projects.

Too much emphasis was put on the child with dwarfism, I think Matt's parents did the same thing to Matt.

The children have zero ambition in any form. Matt's ambition is in his head, he can think up a plan but he never seems to ask himself who will do the work? Example: Plan for a big house, did he think about the plan for cleaning such a big house by such a small woman?

Matt likes to feel like a big shot, traveling around the country for his business, that's great, but he short change's his family in doing so.

I feel the tension from Amy towards Matt.

nonmember avatar DYAN


Siste... Sisteract

I think this show has been canceled-

clean... cleanaturalady

Sorry connie, you need to use some punctuation if you want anyone to read your comment and take you seriously.

nonmember avatar Linda

After watching the show in which Mat fell to the ground after having a headache, and everyone including his wife, seemed not to react with much concern, I felt from that scene that they were headed for a split. he had had a heart scare last season so you would think they would have reacted with a bit more concern, not kicking him or shaking his shoulder. I was a bit amazed by that.
I had not watched the show last year but had watched it all the other years so I skipped what seems like a change in their attitudes towards one another which was very apparent from seeing that one show. They seem to come and go without much interaction, the kids seem lazy, especially the one twin, and there seems to be no one driving the wheel. I always thought Mat was the driving force but perhaps they want the show to end so they can have privacy. It might be something that came about because of being tired of being watched. The schemes and travel plans, always seemed to come from Mat, and Amy seemed to put up with it. He seemed to be successful before the show but in my opinion the show has in fact made them less effective as a family.
The other issues are competition from other similar reality programs. It seemed to be winding down by their attitudes. I figured out it was the last season after wondering if the show was ending. The show seemed non reactive and passive with no directive except fading out.

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