5 Reasons Angelina Jolie Is a Perfect Cleopatra

For as much attention as Angelina Jolie attracts every time she sets foot in public, her last few films haven't exactly been huge commercial successes.

It sounds as if Angelina is ready to shake things up a bit and star in a biography of Cleopatra, the queen of the Nile. The film will be adapted from a pending biography, Cleopatra: A Life, and I can think of at least five reasons why she is a perfect choice for the role:


The eyes have it:  I can already picture Angelina in those dramatic black Cleopatra eyes. Stunning!

Connection to Africa: Jolie has an adopted daughter from Africa and gave birth to her first child there as well.

She lives like a queen: Her home in France reportedly cost a cool $70 million dollars and has something like between 20 and 35 bedrooms, give or take a few, along with her own lake and vineyard.

She likes snakes: Remember when she and Brad Pitt designed a line of snake jewelry? (All net proceeds went to Education Partnership for Children of Conflict, which was co-founded by Jolie in 2006.)

She knows how to get her man: Marc Antony was married when he fell in love with Cleopatra. Just saying.

Would Angelina Jolie be your choice for Cleopatra?


Image via indio/Flickr

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