Heidi and Spencer Divorce: Who Cheated?

Spencer Pratt Heidi Montag cheat
Is Heidi Montag getting it on with another man with the unfortunate name of Cougar Zank? Did Spencer Pratt spend all of his money on a mistress? Here we go with the crazy Speidi divorce dirt!

According to RadarOnline, Heidi Montag has hired a private detective to dig up any evidence of Spencer cheating on her, especially if it involved money. Spencer, however, "just knows" that since Heidi moved in with mutual friend, Cougar, that the Coug wants Heidi all to himself.

You know, making assumptions about cheating is a lot less expensive than paying a private dick to find out the truth.


Even though divorces can get ugly, I find it highly doubtful that either of the reality stars cheated on each other. Other than those hilarious running through the woods photos, Spencer and Heidi are never far from the other's reach. So would it be possible that either one had the free time to take up with a home wrecker?

Additionally, how could Heidi cheat if she was on lock down at the Speidi compound? So yes, I'm thinking more publicity stunt than reality to benefit Heidi's new show and Spencer's giant ego.

Do you think Heidi and Spencer cheated on each other?


Image via David Becker/Getty

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