Perez Hilton Tweets Uncensored Miley Cyrus Photo


Perez Hilton TwitterPerez Hilton posted a photo on Twitter, uncensored, of Miley Cyrus's you-know-what as she was pulling a Britney and accidentally flashing it while getting out of a car.

Dude, she's 17 years old. That's like child pornography.

The image is said to have been Photoshopped, and even if it isn't her real vajay-jay, it could be, so why in the world would you post something like that?

Perez has since taken the photo down, but let's face it, that doesn't mean anything. It's already been retweeted and currently floating through cyberspace for all to see.

Yes, the issue of why she's not wearing underwear at all (if the photo is real) should be of some concern, but I'm honestly too disgusted with Perez Hilton to even think that far into it. He hasn't tweeted any form of an apology or showing any signs of regretting his very low-life tweet -- he just continued tweeting about Lady Gaga and Rihanna as if it were any other day.


PS: Perez, it's truly not for the public.

Do you think Perez Hilton should be penalized for this?



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jeann... jeannesager

Seriously, that would be child porn - even a doctored picture is still child porn.

nonmember avatar Dee

Perez is not dumb. I believe he knew it was illegal to post it. He posted it. He or the site took it off. He got the attention and he hurt her. The excuse that he realized it was illegal and took it down just doesn't fly.  There are photos of her before she got into the car and after she got out. She's wearing underwear in all of them. Photo is photoshopped.

nonmember avatar Jen

He is disgusting on a normal day and Miley is no better.  She pole-danced at an awards show with her father in the audience, now it's showing such class as to run around not wearing underwear when she knows there are photographers everywhere.  There is more than enough blame to go around on this one. 

hotic... hoticedcoffee

Penalized?  Where are we going to take the points from? 

Since it's ILLEGAL to distribute child pornography, I'm thinking "should he be charged?" is a more intelligent question, and "yes" is a logical answer, even though he's claiming ignorance. Ignorance is not a legal defense, despite the fact that it's so fashionable these days.

Julie... Julieryanevans

Totally a sleazy move on his part!

Jada27 Jada27

She is a baby for cryin out loud!!! Any adult who would post an image of a child liek that is sick and knows its wrong. Our children have internet access and watch public television. What does this kind of garbage tell them???? GRRRRR!!!!

nonmember avatar DC

Boo hoo. A seventeen year-old is not a child. And if your children are reading Perez Hilton's tweets, they have graver issues than knowing what a woman's genitalia look like.

dabab... dababimama

yes he should be penalized that's so tacky


29again 29again

So glad that I don't read his blog, once was enough for me.  He is a sleazy pig.

tensn... tensnevaeh

And no one mentions that this entire thing could be a publicity stunt by mileys people?

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