A Sneak Peek at AMC's New Series 'Rubicon'

Grant Test (Christopher Evan Welch), Will Travers (James Badge Dale), Tanya MacGaffin (Lauren Hodges), and Miles Fiedler (Dallas Roberts) in Rubicon
Anticipation and expectations have been running high as TV fans await the next original series from AMC, Rubicon. Last night, appetites where whetted with an early release of the pilot episode of the show that revolves around conspiracy theories.

Will Travers (played by James Badge Dale) is a New-York based intelligence analyst whose world "has been shattered by an untimely death." There are promises of mystery and danger and teases with the slogan, "Not every conspiracy is a theory."


The New York Times calls it "irresistible," and judging by what I've seen, it's definitely intriguing. Possibly even enough so to trump some reality television, which is saying a lot for me!

Following in the footsteps of Mad Men and Breaking Bad, it's the third original series for AMC -- some pretty big shoes in which to follow. The series of 13 episodes is scheduled to premiere August 1 -- a long time to wait for more!

Are you excited for the Rubicon series?


Image via amctv.com

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