Tori Spelling Spills (Again!) in 'Uncharted TerriTORI'

Uncharted TerriTORI Book Cover
Has there ever been a bigger surprise than Tori Spelling (whose new book, Unchartered TerriTORI, is due out tomorrow)? She should be so hate-worthy. The privileged daughter of a producer dad and Hollywood mom, she's been in the spotlight since she joined the cast of 90210. A blond heiress who's thoroughly ordinary-looking, she could have turned into a Paris Hilton or Zsa Zsa Gabor. But instead, she's turned into something better: quirky, charming, off-kilter, and genuine.

She's turned into Tori Spelling.


And in her new book, she essentially says: "Yep. What a crazy life I've got. Want to hear some stories?" And because she's got a million of 'em, I have to say: Yep.

Uncharted TerriTORI ($13.50 at Amazon) is Spelling's third foray into memoir (this time focusing on being a working mom and Hollywood wife), and while I'm generally annoyed with celebrity autobiography, she keeps winning me over because she's just so in on the joke.

It's hard not to love someone who admits she compares her Twitter follower count to those of Denise Richards and Brooke Burke. The way she describes her husband's efforts to get her to relax -- drawing her a bubble bath and saying he'll get the kids dinner, to which she responds by getting out the broccoli and hot dogs "just to get him started" -- sounds like a page from Uncharted TerriAMY, despite the fact that the closest I get to Bel Air is watching the Fresh Prince.

On the other hand, she did grow up in a weird, rarefied environment -- a second-generation Hollywood brand -- and as such, she has a point of view that's actually pretty interesting. If I met her, I'd be ratcheting back my desire to constantly ask, "What was that like? What's it like now?" She's taken the guesswork out of our relationship and bypassed our actually knowing each other entirely, clever girl.

Did you read Tori Spelling's previous books? Will you be reading this one?


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