'The Real Housewives of NY' Reunion Part 1: Jill Zarin Gets Pummeled

Real Housewives of NY Reunion
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In the first of three episodes of The Real Housewives of New York City Reunion, Jill Zarin was scolded, slammed, and snubbed by the other housewives.

First, we heard Alex roar as she continued her newfound verbal freedom and unleashed on Jill for all her wrongs during the past three years.

"Grab your balls!" Bethenny quipped.


There were no hives this time, but Alex did get so involved in the conversation that Kelly had to call across the room, "Cross your legs."

Good advice as the dress barely covered any of her legs.

Jill tried to take the renewed, changed, high road, and offered a host of excuses and brisk apologies that sounded more resigned than sincere.

For instance, of calling Alex ugly, Jill said, "I said you were channeling the devil ... it didn't come out right."

Alex took her to task about talking badly about her family, planting stories in the press, and trying to persuade other cast members not to film with each other.

There was some other reminiscing/bickering by the other housewives in the middle that was entertaining, but not remarkable. My favorite moment was when a teary Bethenny talked about how lucky she is to be a mother. It was really touching.

Then they rolled the scenes of all the drama that has happened between Jill and Bethenny.

"I don't like who I was," Jill said, then offered up some excuses before saying, "I have no excuse except just to say I'm really sorry. I should have let it go. Even when I said it, I didn't mean we were really done ... I'm a New York Bitch."

Then she turns to Kelly, "She says ‘zip it'; I say ‘we're done.'"

Uh huh.

"If we were ever really friends, then I hope there's a future for us," Jill tells Bethenny.

Bethenny didn't buy it and began listing all of Jill's flaws and wrongdoings, from her jealousy to trying to cut her out of the show. She told her that her husband, Jason, doesn't like her either. Ouch.

"I don't know where to put you in my life," Bethenny says, just before Jill storms off the stage.

Two more episodes to find out if they kiss and make up. Previews don't look promising for a resolution, but they do look promising for lots of drama.

What did you think of part one of The Real Housewives of New York Reunion?

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