‘The Hills’ Recap: Poor McKaela, and Somebody Please Stop Audrina

The Hills
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Poor new girl McKaela Line. The innocent beauty was served up a heaping helping of The Hills reality this week when Brody dissed her and she found out her newfound friend, Allie Lutz, is viewed as a "psycho" by pretty much everyone else on the show.

Naïve to the drama that's gone before, McKaela brings Allie to Stephanie Pratt's birthday celebration. Kristin and Brody are snuggled up to each other, making for a really awkward situation -- much like the one we saw in reverse a few weeks ago with Brody and McKaela snuggled up as Kristin glowered nearby.

Love those awkward bar scenes.


Kristin and Brody are furious that McKaela dare bring Allie, who supposedly once broke into Brody's home.

Kristin doesn't hesitate to hurl insults about Allie (who bears a remarkable resemblance to Erin from The City) throughout the show, calling her everything from "the dumbest girl on the planet" to "pure evil" to looking like a "45-year-old stripper who smokes a pack of cigarettes a day. "

Tell us what you really think, Kristin.

Allie denies the incident.

After ignoring McKaela, Brody then chastises her for bringing Allie. As much as McKaela wants to remain level-headed and not get played, she succumbs to Brody's charms and still can't resist calling him the next day. He ignores her call as Kristin crawls around the floor by his bed.

Like I said, poor McKaela.

Speaking of poor heartbroken souls, there's Ryan Cabrera, who self-sabotaging Audrina is trying to push away to make room again for Justin Bobby.

When will she learn that the bad boy is going to be bad for her? No time soon, apparently.

What did you think of this week's episode of The Hills?

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