True Blood Season 3: What Can We Expect?

It's felt like forever but now, finally, this Sunday, June 13, True Blood will begin its third season. Can. Not. Wait. Bring on the blood, sex, and action!

So what are some things that we can expect? Well, last season left us wondering what the hell happened to Bill after he was taken so you can bet this season is going to revolve around Sookie's journey in finding and saving her vampire lover with the help of Eric and a werewolf.

Speaking of the werewolf, yowza. Alcide Herveaux, the sexy were that's played by Joe Manganiello, is the epitome of the manly man (er, or wolf?), sent by Eric to be Sookie's bodyguard as she looks for Bill. She always seems to be surrounded by hot, supernatural men. Not fair.


At the end of season two, Sam Merlotte went looking for his original family, and it seems he found them, along with a gun to his head. Will our favorite shapeshifter finally have closure? I'm guessing we'll receive a lot of information about his past, which is something the character has kept pretty quiet about up until now.

And lots of sexy time this season: Tara getting a taste of vampire sex, Bill hooking up with Lorena (his creator), and Sookie hooking up with Eric (for real or a dream sequence? I don't know!). There are even rumors that the smoldering viking vamp will be virtually nude in the first episode. Now that's what I call a good start to the season.

Are you excited about True Blood?

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