Tom Cruise's MTV Movie Awards Performance ... Well ... Rocked

Lately, I can't stand Tom Cruise. But I have to admit his Les Grossman performance -- with J. Lo as his dance partner -- during last night's MTV Movie Awards was pretty insane. It was my second favorite moment of the show, after Sandra Bullock's acceptance speech (although I thought her kiss with Scarlett Johansson was stupid).

I guess we already knew (from his Risky Business days) that Tom Cruise could dance. But last night he killed it on the dance floor as his hilarious Tropic Thunder character Les Grossman: You gotta admire a 47-year-dude who can wear a fat suit, keep up with Jennifer Lopez (who looks fantastic by the way), and finish with the splits!


The routine was hilarious --  although there were a few too many crotch-grabs and spankings for my taste. It made watching Kristen Stewart bumbling and tripping all over herself almost bearable. (Seriously, girl, how hard is it to walk onstage, graciously accept an award, and leave. Why is speaking in complete sentences so difficult for this professional actor?)

What was your favorite moment of the last night's MTV Movie Awards?

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