School Zone for iPad: App of the Week

ipad app of the week school zone
iTunes; $9.99
School Zone is one of the first companies to offer applications for the iPad, and I love anything that's going to inspire kids to learn about math while having fun. (I still blame my cranky junior high math teacher for my lack of geometry skills.)

Of course you're going to have trust your little ones with your iPad for this to work, but it will be worth it when the kiddos are learning fractions and counting out the right change for a dollar.

On-Track Time, Money & Fractions, Flash Action Multiplication & Division and Flash Action Addition & Subtraction are the three School Zone apps available right now, that offer positive reinforcement and games that make math fun. No, really.

And isn't it the perfect climate to teach your little ones about money?

On-Track Time, Money & Fractions, Flash Action Multiplication & Division, Flash Action Addition & Subtraction ($9.99) -- iTunes

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