Miley Cyrus: The Next Carrie Bradshaw?

Sex and the City 2 has barelyCarrie Diaries; $11
been in the theaters a week, but there are already talks about turning Candace Bushnell's latest Carrie novel, The Carrie Diaries, into a film.

And guess who wants to play the role?


No, not Heidi Montag, though I'm sure she'll tweet to Candace begging for it. Miley Cyrus has been pegged by Bushnell herself as being someone she could see as a teenage Carrie Bradshaw. And Miley responded in typical teenage lingo, "I'd totally do it ... I would die, it would be so cool!"

Like, oh my god.

I really like Miley, but even I can't get on board with this idea. I don't think she'd be able to hide that thick Southern accent of hers enough to play young Carrie, who's from Connecticut.

Here are five actresses that I'd rather see starring in the signature role:

  1. Emma Watson: The Harry Potter star needs a new franchise now that filming in the wizarding world has come to an end.
  2. Saoirse Ronan: She kind of looks a little bit like SJP. 
  3. Emma Roberts: They might be able to get her aunt Julia Roberts to take on a role as well.
  4. Mary-Kate or Ashley Olsen: These two live for fashion ... which would make for a perfect Carrie.
  5. Dakota Fanning: She's just an amazing actress. Period. 

Do you think Miley would make a good Carrie Bradshaw? Who would you like to see star in the role?

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