Real Housewife of NYC Arrested ... It's Not Who You Think

sonja morgan arrested
Photo from Splash News
Sonja Morgan, the newest and shiniest Real Housewife of NYC, has been arrested for drunk driving in the Hamptons.

Considering Morgan was drunk in about 75 percent of her scenes in RHONY, this is not a shocker. Although I certainly thought Kelly Bensimon would wind up in the clink first.


Also, doesn't it seem like drunk driving in the Hamptons has turned into a sport for the rich? How many mug shots are going to be plastered all over the Internets before people summering in the Hamptons understand that the laws of the state of New York also apply in their airspace?

Since most seasons of The Real Housewives of New York kick off with the end of summer in the Hamptons, let me predict the following scenario for next year's premiere:

LuAnn and Jill gossiping about Sonja at the White Party. Sonja comes in and grabs a martini from the tuxedo-ed waiter. LuAnn and Jill stare at each other wide-eyed. Sonja comes over to the pair, innocently, "Hi ladies, what's up?" LuAnn (eyebrows arched, glancing at Jill for backup): "Darling. Don't you think that's a little unseemly given ..." LuAnn gestures, as she cannot bear to talk about such an undesirable subject. Sonja: "Oh come on LuAnn, I had three sauvignon blancs and a tequila chaser. I was so not over the limit. They were just out to get me after I lifted my dress at Brinkley's pool party showing everyone how much more action I get than Christie." LuAnn and Jill share a look and repeat discussion in incredulous tone over lunch with Ramona, Bethenny's book party, and Kelly's Halloween extravaganza.

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