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Tom Cruise has reprised his hilarious Tropic Thunder character Les Grossman for a series of MTV Movie Awards promo videos.

These seriously funny spots include one where Les is giving Robert Pattinson grooming tips and another where he critiques a younger Tom's famous Risky Business dance moves. 

I think Les Grossman, the gold chain-wearing movie executive, may have been my favorite Tom Cruise incarnation, although over the years, Tom has certainly given us many to choose from:

Lip-Syncing Underwear Tom: Risky Business made Tom a star and made everyone a fan.

Top Gun Tom: This was the golden age of Tom Cruise, for sure.   

Vampire Tom: We shouldn't forget, Tom was an original vampire-hottie in Interview With the Vampire.

Cocktail Tom: In which he inspired a generation of attention-seeking bartenders.

Crazy Scientologist Couch-Jumping Tom: Tom fell in love and things got a little weird for him. And for us.

Funny Foul-Mouth Tom: I think he surprised even his most loyal fans with his hysterical, foul-mouth lines in Tropic Thunder.

Comeback Kid Tom: He's starring in the upcoming Knight and Day, which is a summer action flick. Who knows, maybe it will be a blockbuster?

He's also slated to be a presenter during the MTV Movie Awards show on Sunday (9 p.m. ET), which is timed perfectly to coincide with his Knight and Day promotional tour, so expect to see a lot more of him in the near future.

Who was your favorite Tom Cruise character?

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kathe... katherine.pryde

mr. cruise should permanently change his last name to "grossman".  it's appropriate.

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