How to De-Friend Someone on Facebook or Just Hide Out for Awhile

Unfriend someone on FacebookDoes your Facebook friend list ever look like old home week, and not in a good way?

I've wondered if I was drunk when I accepted a friend request from a certain few people, and can't for the life of me figure out how certain former high school friends snuck in there.

Fortunately un-friending someone on Facebook is drama free.

Unlike high school.


So how do you do it?

This is the easy part:

1. Click on their name on your friends list.

2. Scroll down along the left margin, and you'll see two options: Remove From Friends List and Report/Block This Person.

3. Decide which you prefer -- removing them from your list means they're no longer your friend and no longer have access to your page. Blocking them means they will no longer see you at all.

4. Enjoy the bliss of life without their drama.

The good part of un-friending -- Facebook does not send them a notice that you've un-friended.

The bad part -- they will likely notice.

Cue the drama.


If they're annoying you because they're constantly playing games and loading up your feed, learn to HIDE those Farmville, Mafia Wars, etc. updates.

Want to vent about them without letting them see? Write up your status comment, then click on the "lock" icon below to customize who can and can't see it. Then hit enter.

Another favorite -- simply HIDE them. You're still friends, but using the methods for hiding those updates, you can also hide them. So they'll see you, but you won't have to read their vague whining.

Have you un-friended anyone?

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