Lindsay Lohan Ordered to Wear SCRAM Bracelet

Lindsay Lohan
Flickr photo by Hot Rod Homepage
Lindsay Lohan looks pretty irritated about her latest fashion accessory, courtesy of Beverly Hills' Judge Revel. Of course not all of us are forced to have a SCRAM bracelet attached to our ankles because we violated probation on a drunk driving case. We might not like it either.

This lovely addition to Lohan's look will alert the authorities if Lohan has a drink of alcohol and violates probation again. Considering LiLo's recent activities in Cannes and her puffy face, it looks like a 24/7 monitor is seriously necessary.


Judge Revel also refused to alter Lohan's required weekly drug and alcohol tests in Los Angeles after Lohan's request due to her new film that takes place in Texas. The judge told Lohan perhaps she needed to delay filming instead of not fulfilling her court-ordered duties. Kind of like Lohan delayed her day in court due to the "lost" passport in France, eh Lindsay?

Karma. Gotta love it.

How long before Lindsay hires someone to jimmy that bracelet lock?

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